Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Stories around my wrist

A story doesn't have to be a book, a movie, a song. It doesn't need a website or a cover. Some stories you carry with you, where ever you go.

My personal storyline for the past couple of years has been my Pandora bracelet; a bracelet to which you can add charms, in various shapes and colours, to make it your very own, unique bracelet. 

I started with a bracelet with one charm. And whenever somebody asked me: "what do you want for your .....". I asked for a charm. But I let them pick it and tell me the story why they thought it was for me. 

So let me tell you the stories around my wrist.

  1. A suitcase. The one I got from my parents when I got the bracelet. For safe travels on my trips.
  2. A present. I got this from a co-worker when I changed workplace. A gift for the gifts of knowledge I had given her.
  3. A wave that says "Best friends". I got it from my nephew for my birthday. We are of course best friends.
  4. A tea cup. A gift from other co-workers when I left. Because you can have such nice chats with me while having a cup of tea or coffee.
  5. An arty design with pink sparkles. This one I gave to myself, after I finished a huge museum exhibition I organised. It marked a big event in my life.
  6. An apple. A souvenir from The Big Apple. I love New York.
  7. A witch. Because, well, I can be one....
  8. A clover. I got it when I went back to school to get my bachelor degree. For good luck.
  9. A pink bead. Because, if it is pink, it probably belongs to me.
  10. Dad. The bead has the word dad on it, with some blue stones in it. I got it from my dad.
  11. Two hearts; mother/daughter. Because when you have your dad with you, you also have to have your mum with you.
  12. The safe keeper. It ties both ends together, so should the lock fail, the bracelet still stays together. Because, as you can imagine, I don't want to lose this storyline.

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