Saturday, 18 January 2014

When words become images

and tell you their stories:

There are more of these amazing words/images. Check them out here.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Hidden stories in books

They say; "Don't judge a book by its cover". I think I found why.

In really old books people painted illustrations on the edge of the book. An illustration you can only see when you slightly fan the pages of the book. Because when the book is closed you can't see any of it.

Take a look at this website with some images and videos showing them to you.

Makes me totally wonder why to put so much effort into something that people might not even see. Or would it be that it was custom back in those days to look at the book if it had a nice picture there instead of on the cover? Not judging the book by its cover, but by the edging?

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Rules of Storytelling

Yes, even to storytelling there are rules (or better, guidelines).

Previously I wrote about the people of Pixar. How Andrew Stanton gave his ideas about great storytelling (read it here).

Somebody else at Pixar: Emma Coats, also told the world what she thought the rules to great storytelling are. She tweeted a list of "22 rules of Storytelling" a while back.
And thanks to the big world of internet, they are now put to images from Pixar movies. Making them into inspirational posters for storytellers around the world.

These are two I found very fitting for my blogging.

This one is very true. Put your idea down. Even when it is just the tiniest idea. It might grow into something bigger that is worth telling to the world.

Also a very good one for me. I'm writing a lot of concepts for this blog. Some have been in concept for a very long time now. Others grow into a blog very soon. Some find a friend later on and the two of them go onto my blog to tell the story.

For a complete slide show of all the images and rules: check this website.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Home is where our story begins

I came across this sign the other weekend when I went shopping with my mother.

It reminded me of my blog and of my home, so I bought it, and it is now decorating my front door.

Your home of course tells a lot about you.
How you have decorated it.
What kind of rooms you have (a baby room or a home office).
How your garden looks.
How long you have lived there.
Or maybe how long it has been in the family.

But where you live also tells something about you.
In my case, it tells a lot. Since I live in the best neighbourhood in the world, when you are a Tolkien fan like me. All the streets are named after the characters from the works of Tolkien. I had to do a class assignment a few weeks ago, showing what is best about the city you live in. So take a look here for all the pictures.

You can understand, whenever I have to fill out my address and somebody is a Tolkien-fan. I have a story to tell.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Suspended coffee

What kind of coffee, I hear you wonder?

I came accross this wonderful story a while back, but was reminded of it today when I saw it again at a Facebook page of a friend.

Suspended Coffee, an amazing initiative. You buy a coffee, or something else to drink or eat at a local coffeestore. But you don't buy one, you buy two or even more. One for you, and one suspended. The coffeestore gives this coffee or food to somebody in need who comes to that same store to ask for help. 
That way they have something warm to drink, and it only costs you one cup of coffee. And the plus side to it, you know your donated money is actually being used for food and not drugs. And you support a local coffeestore, who sells an extra cup of coffee.

Take a look at the website, to see which coffeestore in your neighbourhood participates. (edit: Suspended coffee informed me they have a new website, check it out here.)

And when you are on the website, read the story on How it Started. Makes you think on how small a thing you can do to change somebodies story.

Share this story! And when you can, buy a suspended coffee to make somebodies story a little better.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Flight of the bumblebee

I have written about stories in music the last few weeks.

And mostly it was referring to lyrics in the songs, not as much the sound of the music.

But music itself can tell a very clear story.

Just listen to the next piece of music:

Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov.
You can see the bumbleblee flying through the air. And that just with the sound of music.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Power of words, the original

In one of my first blogs I posted a video showing the power of words.

And I'm currently seeing it reposted on Facebook by a lot of friends.

But my teacher told me, that's not the original.

The original is so good, it won prices and got a copy cat, the previous one.

It is in Spanish, but does have subtitles.
It is so much stronger than the original. Especially since in this one, it really is a beautiful day and not a rainy day in England.

Words, they are powerful!