Thursday, 16 January 2014

Rules of Storytelling

Yes, even to storytelling there are rules (or better, guidelines).

Previously I wrote about the people of Pixar. How Andrew Stanton gave his ideas about great storytelling (read it here).

Somebody else at Pixar: Emma Coats, also told the world what she thought the rules to great storytelling are. She tweeted a list of "22 rules of Storytelling" a while back.
And thanks to the big world of internet, they are now put to images from Pixar movies. Making them into inspirational posters for storytellers around the world.

These are two I found very fitting for my blogging.

This one is very true. Put your idea down. Even when it is just the tiniest idea. It might grow into something bigger that is worth telling to the world.

Also a very good one for me. I'm writing a lot of concepts for this blog. Some have been in concept for a very long time now. Others grow into a blog very soon. Some find a friend later on and the two of them go onto my blog to tell the story.

For a complete slide show of all the images and rules: check this website.

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