Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Suspended coffee

What kind of coffee, I hear you wonder?

I came accross this wonderful story a while back, but was reminded of it today when I saw it again at a Facebook page of a friend.

Suspended Coffee, an amazing initiative. You buy a coffee, or something else to drink or eat at a local coffeestore. But you don't buy one, you buy two or even more. One for you, and one suspended. The coffeestore gives this coffee or food to somebody in need who comes to that same store to ask for help. 
That way they have something warm to drink, and it only costs you one cup of coffee. And the plus side to it, you know your donated money is actually being used for food and not drugs. And you support a local coffeestore, who sells an extra cup of coffee.

Take a look at the website, to see which coffeestore in your neighbourhood participates. (edit: Suspended coffee informed me they have a new website, check it out here.)

And when you are on the website, read the story on How it Started. Makes you think on how small a thing you can do to change somebodies story.

Share this story! And when you can, buy a suspended coffee to make somebodies story a little better.

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