Sunday, 1 December 2013

Bedtime stores

Since this week has turned into storytelling week, I'm going to share with you one of the funniest and sweetest movies I know about storytelling.

Bedtime stories (2008).

It tells the story of Skeeter Bronson. He grew up with his father telling him bedtime stories. And when he has to look after his sisters kids for a week, he tells them bedtime stories. 

The first evening he and the kids make up a story.
Where various things happen to the main character, Skeeter. But the kids think the story is a bit boring and add to the ending that it rains gumballs.

And what happens the next day, while Skeeter is driving his car?
It rains gumballs. My absolute favourite scene in the entire movie.

When Skeeter finds out it are the additions from the kids that come true. He tries to steer their story into things he will benefit from. But, of course, it is a Disney movie, so the movie needs a lesson. This doesn't go well and he has to try to make his own story happen.
One of my favourite quotes from the movie is: "Your fun is only limited by your imagination". Too bad they don't really use it in the movie. Because towards the end all the strange things happening are brought back to reason and just every day happenings. And why tell a good story when you can't have the impossible happen?

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