Friday, 6 December 2013

Goodbye sweet storyteller

Today the world lost one of its great storytellers.

Goodbye mr. Mandela.
May your spirit dance through the heavens and your story be told on for generations to come.

Because, he had a story to tell.

What I posted earlier this day. Important stories are the ones that matter, the ones that stay in your mind.

Mr. Mandela's story was on that mattered. To stop discrimination, to stop Apartheid (that one dradded Dutch word the entire world knows). And it stays in your mind. Just think about it, being imprisoned under the worst conditions, just because you stand up for what you believe.

Besides the importance of the story, he also was able to tell his story. He had a good voice to tell his story; he danced his story; his fist up in the air; and of course his smile with that twinkle in his eye.

Please keep spreading his story, it is one that matters!

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