Tuesday, 3 December 2013

A day on an airport - Atlanta

I love travel stories. What do people have to tell about a place they have just visited. To go with them, through their story, to a new place or to hear them raving about their most favourite place in the world. To maybe do stuff I would never dare to do or be able to do. 

And I love to share my travel stories. Don't start me on New Zealand, because you won't be gone within the next half hour. I just keep on going, I love it there. And New York, ah! Or the Dutch sea side or ..... (there you go.... I can't stop and in my mind I'm there again).

Getting from one place to another is for me also a fun part of traveling. Being at an airport, watching other people come and go. And traveling itself. By train, bus, plane. To interact with other people, hear where they are going. Watch them spending their time.

CNN made an amazing visual and written story. About the airport of Atlanta. "A day in the life of the world's busiest airport". With beautiful images from the people and life at the airport. But also stories of the visitors. People who are waiting for others to come home. People who are traveling somewhere.

Go check it out. It looks stunning and the reading is wonderful. Start scrolling through it or pick a key word you want to see and read about.

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