Thursday, 5 December 2013


Today, December 5th, is a very important day for Dutch children. 

Because today we celebrate Sinterklaas. 

This Saint comes each year to The Netherlands. On his ship, all the way from Spain. Bringing with him gifts for the little children. Assisted by his loyal helper Zwarte Piet (Black Peter).

The story around Sinterklaas dates back from a very, very long time ago. First he came in the form of Wodan, one of the old Northern European Gods. Collecting the offerings from the people and bringing them new seeds for next years harvest.

Later the Catholic church gave Saint Nicolas, protector of children and sailors, the role of the bringer of gifts in the cold December month.

Nowadays Sinterklaas arrives half November and from that day children are allowed to put out their shoe during the nights. Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet come around to bring some sweets and maybe a small present. In return they love to receive letters, drawings and maybe something for Amerigo, Sinterklaas' loyal horse.

And on December 5th they bring around the big gifts. For the adults in the evening, so they can have fun unwrapping, reading poems and teasing eachother a bit. For the kids, a big pile of gifts awaits them December 6th in the morning.

Hmmm, it just came to my mind
Writing about a story this kind
I should write in rhyme
That belongs to this time.

So on this day fair

A story to share
A tale for you
To give to friend or two

And now, off to unwrapping gifts. Lets see what Sinterklaas has brought me.
And do tell me, what did you get?

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