Monday, 23 December 2013

Singing into Christmas

Christmas songs (or Christmas Carols, what a lovely word) are probably as old as the celebration of Christmas is.

All tell you the story of Christmas and, hopefully, you'll sing a long.

Silent Night, one of the songs that belongs to Christmas for me, dates back to 1818, when it was first sung in an Austrian village (but of course in German, Stille Nacht). This refers to the Catholic believes around Christmas.
St Thomas Boys Choir - Stille Nacht

A little more modern day songs tell more about the joys of Christmas. Being together with your loved ones, enjoying time together, good food and presents.
Nat King Cole - Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

And than there are the songs that try to persuade you to do some good for the world around Christmas time. It is of course the time for caring. Usually for friends and family. But why not for a complete stranger in another part of the world, who is having a really hard time.
Band Aid - Do they know it is Christmas

It already dates back from 1984, has had an update in 2000, but this remains for me the best. A song with a message for Christmas time.

And the next song, I just love! They only play it on the radio during Christmas time. And while the song isn't really about Christmas. It does reflect for me the spirit of Christmas. Being together, doing things together.
Paul McCartney - We all stand together

What's your favourite Christmas song?

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