Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Corporate Christmas storytelling

Christmas time is known as the season of giving. The season where we take a little closer look at the people around us. Those who can use a little extra help. Or those who have helped you, to thank them for it.

WestJet Airlines made one of their flights unforgetable for their customers. When leaving from the Hamilton Airport on their flight to Toronto the passengers were greeted by a Santa who asked them what they would like to have for Christmas.

A big surprise waited for them when the arrived in Toronto!

Of course it is "just" a marketing stunt. But this video has been watched 32 million times (talking about going viral!). What a great way to tell your corporate story. And they do more things like this. When you watch it on YouTube, on the right side there are also April Fools from WestJet and other Christmas specials.

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