Sunday, 22 December 2013

Once upon a time

Earlier this week I wrote about fairy tales. And mostly talking about the books.

But fairy tales of course also come to the screen. Either movies or tv series.

ABC has been broadcasting Once Upon A Time.

A wonderful series if you love fairy tales, exciting storytelling and being surprised. They show you what would happen if all the beloved fairy tale characters would be banned from their magic kingdom and brought into the world as we know it. Where they don't know who they really are, just ordinary people living together in a small city, Storybrooke. But the audience is also shown what happened in their original world. When they still were fairy tale characters. What happened that brought them into our world? And what do they have to do, to be together as the fairy tales have always put them together. Because, as always, true love concurs all.

A wonderful parade of all well known characters is brought to the screen. And as a viewer fun to watch and guess who is who. And how they will safe their world.

This is the trailer for the first series. In the mean time they are already at season 3 and making a spin off Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.

If you like fairy tales and good tv series, try it! I'm a fan!

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