Thursday, 9 January 2014

Stories without words

You come across them every day.

Just look at the sky, you know what the weather will be, without one word being exchanged.

The sound of dripping rain will notify you to bring along your umbrella.

The traffic light on your way to work. No doubt you will stop at red and keep going at green. No one tells you: stop or go.

The smell of fresh baked bread during lunchtime, they almost seem to yell at you "eat us", but they don't, but you surely do like to eat them.

And even people tell stories without saying anything.
When I come skipping into work in the morning, all dressed in bright colours, with a big smile on my face. You know I'm having a good day, even when I haven't said a word. 
When I come in dragging my feet, not matching clothes, bags under my eyes and my hair going all places, yes, I didn't sleep too well. And you know even without asking (and you will probably keep out of my way, just to be safe).

The fancy word for it is non-verbal communications. And we all do it, almost all the time, even without thinking about it. We keep on telling stories even without words.

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