Sunday, 5 January 2014


Dreaming is where you mind tells you again the stories of all that has happened to you during the day. They show you what you want or what you are afraid of. All in the form of stories. And as I have already shown, stories come in many forms. As is true for dreams. Magical, scary, adventurous, exciting. From nightmares to the dreams you hope will come true.

In the movie Inception (2010) the main characters have found a way in which they can enter a persons dream and change it.
They have to be a sleep and linked to the other person by a system. The two persons will meet in the dream. And as in dreams, you have so many more abilities, to fly, to create, to be the person you want to be. But what if the person who is with you has a different meaning to why they are there? What if they want something from you? In the dream, they can try to alter your way of looking at them. With this they put the idea in your dream. This idea becomes real to you in your every day life. And your story changes.

A bit of a scary idea, when I write it like that.
But I loved the movie. Exciting, visually stunning and something to think about.

In this seen the inventor of the system (Cobb, played by Leonardo DiCaprio) explains to one of his new dream-builders (Ariadne, played by Ellen Page) how the building of dreams works.

Creating dreams, creating stories.

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