Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Storyteller

Ah, the childhood memories come drifting up as I'm writing this.

One of my favourite series when I was young.

The storyteller

When people told themselves their past with stories.
Explained their present with stories.
Foretold their future with stories.
The best place by the fire was kept for The Storyteller.

Produced by Jim Henson (from The Muppets) with John Hurt as The Storyteller (as I told you earlier, that voice, he can do no wrong for me). The stories are based on the lesser well known European folk tales. It aired in 1986 with 9 episodes and got a spin off with 4 episodes about Greek mythology.

A lot of (now) famous actors played along together with puppets from Jim Henson's studio. 

For my Lord of the Rings-friends. Check out this one and see who you recognize.

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