Saturday, 23 November 2013


Holidays are great ways of telling stories. A day you share with all your countrymen. Your neighbours, family and friends will all (probably) celebrate the same day. Sharing the story of the day, the meaning of the day.

Luckily with Thanksgiving (Day) it is easy to get the meaning of the day. Saying thanks for the preceding year. And in history also a big thank you for a good harvest. Hence all the lovely food at a Thanksgiving dinner.

A few of you will be wondering, what is this Dutch woman talking about. They don't celebrate Thanksgiving in The Netherlands. And I have to agree with you, we don't. But that is the lovely part of stories and sharing stories. I do get into the feeling of Thanksgiving.

Thanks to Facebook and connecting with people you share an interest with, I got connected with Rebekah. A Lord of the Rings-friend from the United States. She included me in sharing her Thanksgiving preperations. So even when I wasn't in the USA, and unfortunately couldn't join her for her dinner. Because, wow, it sounded so amazing what she had been cooking. I got the feeling of cooking together, preparing all the lovely dishes, the huge amount she cooked. And later also the fun of the dinner, sharing with her family and friends. 

With a big Thank You to Rebekah and the story of Thanksgiving, now this Dutchie got to enjoy a Thanksgiving Day, even when it was from a distance.

I hope all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving will have a lovely day with friends and family. And you will all survive Black Friday (something else I only get through stories, but for this one, I'm actually glad I don't have to cope with).

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