Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A new story

A new blog, which means, a new story is beginning.

Stories define our world, they form the base we start from and the legacy we leave behind. We all remember our grandparents telling us about their childhood, we can see them running around with just a can or a hoop, playing in the fields. Our parents, telling us what not to do, because something bad happened to them. Friends, who can convince you with just a few lines to go with them on that wonderful trip. Or a co-worker inspiring you to help them on that amazing project. All done with stories.

And what gives society us. Books, to curl up on the sofa and travel with Frodo to Middle-earth or find Aslan besides Lucy in Narnia. Movies, chasing tornados in Twister, escaping the Titanic together with Jack and Rose or visiting Pandora and flying with the Na'vi. Music which brings you to different places with just sounds. Or lyrics that touch you deep in the heart. Commercials to laugh at, or to wonder, why don't I own that product?

Everything tells us stories and everybody has a story to tell. Let's discover the world of stories. And start a new story here.

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