Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nespresso; from George to Ethiopia

We all have seen the commercials from Nespresso with George Clooney enjoying one of the coffees from them in a fancy coffeeshop. Telling the brand's story about luxury, indulgence and exclusivity

Yesterday Nespresso introduced their new campaign. Shifting the focus from the luxury of coffee to the origin of their coffee. The first coffee is Bukeela ka Ethiopia. Using the words of Maureen Baas, marketing director of Nespresso Europe. "People are used to the images of George and the luxury espresso bars. But we thought it time to show Nespresso has more stories to tell. We know so much about coffee and have such wonderful stories to tell about the place of origin of the coffee. But we never told those stories.

The images sure look very beautiful. Take a look at the new story of Nespresso.

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