Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Coca Cola Refreshing the world, one story at a time

Over the past year Coca Cola has been changing their website and the way they interact with brand loyals / fans of the brand. Mainly because: "...storytelling is the cornerstone of 21st century communications. We believed that great, brand-created stories matter, that exceptional writing wins the day, and that building a digital newsroom would lead not only to a transformation in how we engage with our consumers but also how we work. Like a modern election campaign, we believed that the best content is social at the core, digital by design, and emotional." 

All companies tell you a story, because convincing customers to buy your product is telling a story. But to put it this straight forward and really making customer stories the centre of the website, wow, I love it.

Quote from the website:
"Today, storytelling is the heart of the company’s brand, driving every phase of its advertising and marketing campaigns."

The website uses stories around various kinds of ways to interact while enjoying Coca Cola. But the site does remain a very Coca Cola feel. For instance some of the headers used:

  • Unbottled: the website section with blogs
  • What's bubbling: most favoured blogposts
  • The Fizz: Most read, most shared, most watched, most debated

The main colour use remains white and red (coke red).
And they keep up with their previous slogan "Share a smile, share a coke" with sharing happy stories and doing good for the world.

Go and have a look at the website and the stories they tell. I'm absolutely thrilled by it.

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